MCS: International Workshop on Mixed Critical Systems – Safe and Secure Intelligent CPS and the development cycle

Date: January 16, 2023
Location: Toulouse, France

Nowadays society is surrounded by modern embedded systems that typically integrate multitude of functionalities with potentially different criticality (safety-security) levels into a single system. This is what we call Mixed‐Criticality Cyber‐Physical Systems (MCCPS). This trend is increasing with the advent of high-performance heterogeneous systems that integrate into the same chip different architectures like GPUs, FPGAS or Multicores. MCCPS, deployed in critical domains like automotive, railway robotics or aerospace, are moving to autonomous or automated functionalities. To this end the following elements are required: a continuum development process of the functionality and real-time high-performance platforms where functionality could be executed. This workshop focuses on these three main actors for the development of autonomous dependable systems.

  • Secure and Safe development life cycle, including Verification, Validation and Testing mechanisms, according to upcoming standards.
  • Explainable Safe Artificial Intelligence
  • Safe and secure real-time high-performance platforms where functionality could be executed.

Safexplain gave the first presentation of the workshop entitled “Safe and explainable critical embedded systems based on AI” by the BSC partners within the section “Artificial Intelligent Dependable Autonomous Systems” chaired by Irune Agirre from IKERLAN. The full agenda can be found on the link here: .