Talking about Automotive Functional Safety at Automotive SPIN Italia

Date: June 06, 2023

Safexplain project partner EXIDA-dev presented at the 21st Workshop on Automotive Software and Systems hosted by Automotive SPIN Italia. During the Functional Safety Session, Giuseppe Nicosia delved into the Safexplain project through his presentation on “User cases and scenario catalogue for ML/DL-based solutions testing in vehicles”. This topic is important for Critical Embedded Systems in the automotive context, and the EXIDA-dev team are working ML/DL-based solutions testing in vehicles that increasingly rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI).   

The presentation was well received from major automotive companies. Attendees were convinced of the importance of Safexplain because it lies at the critical junction between research and industrial innovation.

Giuseppe Nicosia from Safexplain partner EXIDA-dev,
Giuseppe Nicosia from Safexplain partner EXIDA-dev, presenting at the Functional Safety Session

Nicosia explained up to 11 driving scenario and details some conclusions after executing a test. This has allowed the team to identify the interventions of the system and its sub-components and compare the results with those obtained from a reference system to evaluate their correctness.

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