SAFEXPLAIN joins EU AI Community with Digital Booth @ ADR Exhibition

Date: June 19, 2024

The 2024 European Converge Summit, hosted by the AI, Data and Robotics Association ecosystem, was held online on 19 June 2024 and brought together influential players from AI, Data and Rovotics to discuss the impact of these technologies on society. The summit focused on three main themes: 1) European strategies in ADR, 2) ADR and Environmental Issues and 3) Public Involvement in Normative Issues.

A very special online exhibition was held as part of the Summit. SAFEXPLAIN participated by hosting a digital booth, allowing it to showcase the work undertaken in the first half of hte project. The digital booth counted with high-levels of participation from Summit attendees.

Check out our digital booth

TrustworthyAI Cluster

The SAFEXPLAIN project also participated in a digital booth with its fellow TrustworthyAI Cluster siblings. The booth included an overview of the call all the cluster siblings are funded under and share the videos recorded as part of the ADRA-e hosted Birds of a Feather webinar: TrustworthyAI: Landscaping verifiable robustness and transparency.