SAFEXPLAIN talks Safety and AI at the 2023 VDA Conference on Quality, Safety and Security for automotive Software-based Systems

Date: August 04, 2023
VDA pocket programme cover

SAFEXPLAIN partner EXIDA development presented the SAFEXPLAIN project and the platform framework overview during the first day of the VDA Automotive SYS conference focusing on Quality, Safety and Security for Automotive Software-based Systems. The conference, which took place in Berlin from 10-12 July 2023, represented an important opportunity for the project to interact with top industry players through workshops, presentations and networking activities.

Carlo Donzella and Davide Cunial from EXIDA development, introduce the SAFEXPLAIN project

The SAFEXPLAIN presentation began with an overview of project goals and objectives and then went on to focus on the SAFEXPLAIN platform, including its framework, lifecycle management, hardware profiling solutions, probalistic timing analysis and extreme value theory. The presentation was well-received and included an interactive questions and answer session.

The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) hosts the event organizer, the Quality Management Centre (QMC). This centre works to set the standards in this field and their standards conform to practical requirements. Participating in this event was important for putting SAFEXPLAIN on the map as as an important contributor to the safety and certification of AI in autonomous vehicles.

View the SAFEXPLAIN slides here.

The full conference program can be found here.